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Event Overview

The symposium starts on Monday, 29 June 2009 at 12:30 pm and ends on Tuesday evening, 30 June.

Presentations focusing on "Preservation and Culture Collections" will be held on Monday whereas the topics "Bioprospecting" and "Identification" are treated on Tuesday.

In addition, there will be two social events, a gala dinner on Monday and an alumni get-together on Tuesday.


The official language of all events is English (i.e. all printed materials will be provided in English and no translations of the oral presentations are envisaged).

The main part of the symposium consists of a number of oral presentations and includes poster sessions.

At the accompanying exhibition companies from the biotechnological and related industries will present to our participants and overview of their products.

The oral presentations will last 30 to 40 minutes including time for discussion.

Posters, will be presented in A0 format (900 x 1250 mm) in the foyer close to the industry exhibition.


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