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General Biotechnology

P 1

Applications of the AppliFlex 20 L Single Use Bioreactor


Brändli J., Lisica L., Ries C., Eibl R.

P 2

CCOS – A Swiss platform for the exchange of strains and cell cultures


Dasen G., Arroyo A., Frasson D., Landert S., Wermelinger T., Sievers M.

P 3

A new approach for rapid development of Spodoptera frugiperda/BEV-based processes


Ries C., Wasem V., Karrer D., John C., Eibl R.

P 4

Effect of milk fermentation on global gene expression in human blood cells


Sagaya F., Walther B., Hurrell R., Vergères G.



P 5

Evaluation of a weighing system for continuous in-situ capture of water removal in the course of the freeze drying process


Aschenbrenner M., Kulozik U., Foerst P.

P 6

Long-term storage of biofilms: keeping microorganisms alive and stable


Mauclaire L., Gattlen J., Amberg C., Zinn M.

P 7

Insights into the culturability of specimens within the phylum Chloroflexi


Meisinger D.B., Engel A.S., Rossello-Morá R., Spring S., Löffler BF.E., Lee N.M.

P 8

Development of cryo-protective agent mixtures for effective lypohilization of probiotic drugs


Rothe S., Grimmecke D., Eibl D.

P 9

Inactivation of starter cultures during vacuum drying and mechanism of sugar in protection of the cells


Santivarangkna C., Kulozik U., Foerst P.


Bioprospecting / Biodiversity

P 10

New haloarchaeal gene pool from native Iranian strains


Amoozegar M.A., Makhdoumi-kakhki A, Shahzadeh Fazeli S.A.

P 11

Access to genetic resources from abroad and benefit sharing – Good practice for academic research


Biber-Klemm S., Jacob A., Martinez S.

P 12

Microbial degradation of formaldehyde in white mineral dispersions preserved with formaldehyde-releasing biocides


Di Maiuta N,, Schwarzentruber P., Dow C.S.

P 13

Isolation of the nonylphenol degrading strain Sphingobium xenophagum Bayram


Gabriel F.L.P., Kohler H.-P.E.

P 14

Bacterial biodiversity and population dynamics of two antilisterial cheese surface consortia revealed by TTGE


Roth E., Miescher Schwenninger S., Eugster-Meier E., Bachmann H.-P., Lacroix C.

P 15

Aran-Bidgol hypersaline lake of Iran: New source of extensive bacterial diversity


Shahzadeh Fazeli S.A., Amoozegar M.A., Bagheri M.

P 16

Isolation of bacteria from the tree canopy of Tilia codata


Stumm K., Billig S., Czaja R., Zimmermann W.

P 17

Enrichment and characterization of so-called low nucleic acid (LNA)-content bacteria from freshwater


Wang Y., Hammes F., Boon N., Chami M., Egli T.



P 18

Assessment of in silico ARDRA analysis to identification of halophilic and halotolerant bacteria


Bagheri M., Amoozegar M.A., Shahzadeh Fazeli S.A.

P 19

Naturally occurring genetic markers in bacteria and their use for authentication of Emmental PDO cheese


Berthoud H., Casey M.G., Isolini D., Amrein R., Wechsler D., Eugster-Meier E.

P 20

Analysis of lactobacilli by MALDI-TOF MS direct bacterial profiling


Borovskaya A., Ilina E., Govorun V., Letarov A., Isaeva A., Maier T., Mix G., Kostrzewa M.

P 21

Infrared spectroscopy as a tool for the rapid detection of fungal endophytes in infected grasses


Brandl H., Brandes Ammann A., Reiner J.

P 22

A rapid immunological test for on-site early detection of fiere bligth pathogen, Erwinia amylovora (Ea), on apple flowers compared to plate isolation and real-time PCR


Braun-Kiewnick A., Dreo T., Stockwell V.O., Lehmann A., Schoch B., Ravnikar M., Holliger E., Duffy B.

P 23

DNA-macroarray: a powerful tool for molecular identification


Palmisano M., Mathis A., Heller W., Kuhn R.

P 24

A duplex-PCR method for identification of Xanthomonas arboricola pv. pruni and detection in plant samples


Pothier J.F., Pagani M.C., Ferrante P., Pelludat C., Scortichini M., Ritchie D.F., Duffy B.

P 25

MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry subspecies-level rapid resolution of the complete genus of phytopathogenic xanthomonas


Pothier J.F., Rezzonico F., Ferrante P., Scortichini M., Tonolla M., Vogel G., Duffy B.

P 26

Comparative functional genomics to elucidate virulence factors in virulent Erwinia spp. and biocontrol features in Pantoea agglomerans


Smits T.H.M, Frey J.E., Goesmann A., Rezzonico F., Duffy B.

P 27

Microarray-based detection of antibiotic resistance genes in Staphylococcus porcinaris, a new bacterium isolated from pigs


Stegmann R., Riesen A., Perreten V.

P 28

Use of Maldi-Tof Mass Spectrometry for the identification and typing of pathogenic and environmental microorganisms


Tonolla M., Benagli C., De Respinis S., Vogel G., Duffy B., Rezzonico F., Petrini O.




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